Concordia University, Wisconsin

29 - 31 October; 1 November 1998

Production Photographs

Father & the Storytellers ..............Father, Adam and Eve

The Tree of Knowledge ..................The Snake

Generations ..................... The Noah Family

The Return of the Animals .............Yonah and the Dove

In the Beginning ......

The Peacock

Director's Notes
When I first heard the music from Cbildren of Eden, I immediately fell in love with it. So much, in fact, that I bought a ticket and went to London to see it. Unfortunately, because the Gulf War had ruined tourism, it closed five days before I got there. But now, at last, it's available for production and I have a chance to direct it. I still love the music - more every day I hear it, in fact. We have a wonderful cast who have worked hard and have exceptional talent; Dustin has outdone himself with the set; Candy has designed and constructed costumes that are perfect for the concept; and John has designed lighting that truly enhances the show. Plus, I have another opportunity to work with my son and now also with six of my grandchildren. (And since my daughter and daughter-in-law were here every night with the kids anyway; it's also great having them in the cast.)

Cbildren of Eden is loosely based on the first nine chapters of Genesis, but it is not a theological treatise; rather, it is a play about parents and children, and because you are one or the other or both, we hope you enjoy it.

D. Eggebrecht

Dr. David W. Eggebrecht
Dr. David W Eggebrecht has directed well over a hundred shows. He has been head of the theatre program at Concordia since 1968, and served The Village Playhouse of Wauwatosa as Resident Director for eight years. For five years he was an adjudicator for the Milwaukee County High School Theatre Festival, he has been a judge for many high school theatre contests, and he has published several plays.

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