Children of Eden - a new musical

Children of Eden is a musical based on the first nine chapters of the
book of Genesis, from Adam & Eve to Noah & the Flood. Stephen Schwartz
composed the score and John Caird wrote the book.

In the beginning .....

The show opened in London on 8th January 1991 after a month of previews.
The reviews were a mixed bag & after a short run the show closed on 6th April 1991.

The following is from the sleave of the original cast recording

'The opening of Children of Eden in the West End of London
coincided with the start of war with Iraq and one of the worst
slumps in audience attendence in recent years; as a result this
spectacular musical was unable to find its audience. But for
those of us lucky to see it, the experience remains etched in our memory.

Throughout its shortrun of over a 100 performances, audiences
frequently responded with cheering and standing ovations.
Despite this it closed on 6th April 1991. Nobody who caught the final
emotional performance, could be in any doubt that this show
will survive in years to come.

You can hear it on this album; the dynamic score by
Stephen Schwartz will inevitably give Children of Eden a future life.

Listen to the music and visulize the magic until next time...

...I saw the London production which was indeed a spectacular show
with a wonderfully strong cast, innovative and
beautiful costumes and some truly excellent songs. This show has been one of
my favourite since 19 January 1991 and I feel extremely lucky to have seen it.

Who was behind it and who was in it


Past, Present and Future

Past, Present and Future

then read on for notes for mounting a production

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