Joanna played the the role of Mrs Wilkinson.

and the theatre fans verdicts

Especially Joanna Riding as Mrs Wilkinson is SO brilliant. When she says her last words on stage: Yeah, thanks Billy, after he has wished her the very best of luck as well, you really feel the emotion. the timing and interaction between the actors was sublime in this show.

Joanna Riding is an incredible Mrs Wilkinson and the changes that come over her during the show towards Billy are wonderful. You can see her visibly warming to the boy as she realises his potential. I always get a lump in my throat in the the final scene

However this was the first time I had seen Joanna Riding and I thought she was just brilliant. What a performer. Her Mrs Wilkinson was quite different to the others I have seen. She was in many ways stricter and more assertive, a bit like Julie Walters in the film version.

Joanna was all shades of awesome during her last two performances. I cherished every moment of them, she will be sadly missed.

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