Joanna was amongst a group of British Musical Performers including Claire Moore, John Barrowman, Alexander Hanson, Jenna Russell, Nick Holder, Denis Quilley and James Graeme who performed excerpts from the top three nominated musicals in the competition

All three can be seen in their entirety on youtube at Link to Musketeers plus other links to Red Red Rose and Enter the Guardsman

The Three Musketeers - Joanna played Queen Anne. 'Queen Anne and Constance's haunting 'Any Day' was sung by Joanna Riding and Jenna Russell' - Masquerade.

Enter the Guardsman - Joanna played 'The Actress' opposite Clive Carter's Actor throughout this excerpt.

Red, Red, Rose - Joanna played Maggie throughout the excerpt which included John Barrowman as the poet Robbie Burns.

All three excerpts can be heard on the 'Best Musicals' cd plus parts of the excerpts are also on the video. Available from Dress Circle