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These are extracts from my reviews of Joanna in shows I have seen. The complete reviews can be found at Reviews

Hey Mr Producer
..... Then Carousel, this picked up near the end of the show starting with the 'Louise Ballet' beautifully danced by Dana Stackpole and Vadam Benar, then the porch scene where Billy gives the star to Louise and then the emotional finale. Well it had me in tears and Joanna Riding making me regret very much not seeing the show in London.

Martin Guerre - Leeds / Norwich
... Joanna Riding is a perfect Bertrande, playing her from the innocent child forced to wed her playmate to the woman caught between the two men in her life, her husband and her lover. She has a wonderfully powerful voice but also changed her singing voice as she matured from the 14 year old to a woman. She brought out the emotions of Bertrande to the fore wherever we were in her story and in particular in her developing relationship with Arnaud and in the final moments of the show as she held the dying Arnaud in her arms. Her simple final gesture, of her hand outstretched to Martin, was a sign that she would need him more than ever as her lover and his friend had gone. Arnaud's wish was for them to live together and make a go of their marriage and this is something that both needed.

...I still think Joanna is one of the best Bertrandes I've seen

Witches of Eastwick - Opening night & Prince of Wales
The stars of the show for me were the three witches themselves. All three blend together perfectly in their joint numbers yet all have a chance to perform songs which could have been written for the actresses in question..... All three created such individual characters and character transformations. The performances were very natural and they used the script, which contained many excellent one liners, completely to their advantage. The piece has been well written so that all three have an equal status in the piece and for me highlight were the three trios they did ‘Make him mine’, ‘I wish I may’ and ‘Look at me’.

The cast are all brilliant playing their roles up to but not over the reality barrier. The three witches work very well together creating the look of a genuine friendship but I have to say that Joanna Riding is still far and away my favourite.

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