A selection of links to videos on youtube which feature Jo

The Pajama Game
Pajama Game trailer
West End Live 2014
Outside the Oliviers 2014
Another trailer
Hey There (audio only)
The Pajama Game Channel

Lend me a Tenor
Video clip

Richard Rodgers celebration
My Old man

Witches of Eastwick
Press Reel
Making of Wicthes

Martin Guerre
Martin Guerre Trailer
Coming soon - UK tour press reel

Danish Musical of the year
Link to Three Musketeers plus Enter the Guardsman and Red, Red Rose

Jeanne D'Arc
Link to website with audio tracks

Guys and Dolls
Sit down you're rockin the boat from National 50th anniversary
(this does not feature Joanna but I have included it to give and idea of the show)

Porch Scene and Finale from Hey Mr Producer concert

Stephen Ward
Recording Hopeless when it comes to you
Hopeless when it comes to you

Various clips
With thanks to Missy M on youtube who has pulled together a large compilation of videos featuring Jo including shows and tv apeparances.

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