Joanna Riding joins the original Plymouth company fresh from her role in previous Gielgud occupant The Umbrellas of Cherbourg. Although Maria only appears briefly in the show, the rendition of the aforementioned Last Time proves to be one of the highlights of the evening.

The fiery duet Facciamo L'Amor between Matus and Joanna Riding as they slug out their differences operatically is almost worth the admission fee alone

Ian Talbot's production is faultlessly cast, with Joanna Riding as Merelli's jealous, vengeful wife Maria;

Michael Matus and Joanna Riding hit just the right note as the bickering Merellis.

Joanna Riding enjoys herself as Mrs Merelli in a performance of pure caricature.

Joanna Riding’s passionate wife is fabulous but something of a cameo role: her Act I songs, the duet Facciamo L’Amor and then The Last Time are two of the show’s highlights but then she’s off for most the rest of the show.

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