The stage - Yorkshire lass Annie (a stunning Joanna Riding) .... Ultimately, however, this is Moore and Riding’s show. Both shine.

Yorkshire Post - Holding the strands together, the spine of this story, is the friendship of Annie and Chris. Joanna Riding as Annie and Claire Moore as Chris, absolutely inhabit their roles. That they look, not for even the briefest of moments, like they are acting, is as big a compliment as I can pay.

Annie and John are beautifully played by Joanna Riding and James Gaddas

The Guardian - Joanna Riding as Annie offers a moving portrayal of marital loss, not least in a number, Kilimanjaro, about the difficulty of dealing with daily realities

THe Independent - The lyrics have a wry observational wit that's ideally suited to tracing the permeable boundary in the show between quirky humour and heartbreak. It's because they are rooted in everyday reality that Joanna Riding's superb Annie is able to achieve such unforced poignancy when she delivers the two beautiful ballads "Scarborough" and "Kilimanjaro"

The Stage - There's a hauntingly beautiful and radiantly lovely performance from Joanna Riding

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As a treat an offical 'The Girls Musical' recording of Scarborough can be found Here