Act 1

The story of Adam and Eve

Let there Be
Father creates the world and Adam and Eve are 'created'

The Tree of Knowledge
Father introduces Adam and Eve to Eden. Eve wants to know about the strange tree on the faraway mountain

The Naming
Adam and Eve name the animals

Grateful Children
Adam and Eve thank Father for all he has given them.

Father's Day
Father enjoys his role as a father

Their world is perfect but ...

Spark of Creation
...Eve wants more than the garden can offer and ....

In Pursuit of Excellence
...the snake obliges and offers her the apple

End of a perfect Day
Eve eats the apple, the perfect day is at an end

Childhood's End
Father confronts Eve and tells her to leave the garden

World Without You
Adam is torn between his love for Father and love for Eve. He tells Father that
without Eve his life would be nothing 'How can I live in a world without you'

The Expulsion
Father expels Adam and Eve from the Garden of Eden to fend for themselves

The storytellers narrate Adam and Eve's life in the 'wilderness' and the birth of their children, Cain and Abel

The Wilderness family
Adam with the young Cain and Abel offer a prayer to Father for all they have

The Spark of Creation - Reprise
Cain is now an adult, Eve recognises the restlessness in him that was once in her

Lost in the Wilderness
Cain rebels against his parents, he wants more than their land can offer.

Close to Home
Adam and Eve reflect on their life in days gone by when Cain and Abel were young.

A Ring of Stomes
Cain has found a ring of stones and excitedly shows his family the proof
that others inhabit the earth as well as them 'it is as I've always known, we are not alone'

Clash of the Generations
Adam reveals that he has known about these people for years. Eve feels betrayed that he never told her. Cain wants to find these people and an argument ensues between Adam and Cain. Abel is torn between his love for them both but as he intervenes ...

Death of Abel
... the rock Cain meant for Adam hits Abel with devastating consequences

The Mark of Cain
Father vents his anger at Cain for his actions and curses the line of Cain for eternity. Cain flees the valley forever.

Children of Eden
Years have passed, another son, Seth, has been born. New generations have been born and Adam, who waited for the rest of his life for Cain to return, has died. Now Eve, as she is about to die, passes on her legacy to the future Children of Eden

Act 2

The story of Noah and his Ark

Noah had three sons Shem, Ham and Japheth. Shem is married to Ayesha, Ham to Aphra and Japheth is in love with the servant girl Yonah(the latter was for the show only)

A lesson in the generations since Adam to bring us to Noah

The Gathering Storm
Noah asks Father to consider changing his mind, Father laments the loss of the world he created.

A Piece of Eight
Japheth brings his bride-to-be to the family table. His family disapprove of
his choice as she is Yonah, not only their servant, but also 'a daughter of the race of Cain'

Blind Obedience
Noah refuses to allow Yonah on the ark as he insists on following Father's instructions

Return of the Animals
The animals return 'two by two' to embark on the ark

Noah's Lullaby
Noah reflects on how the humans have destroyed the animal's world

Stranger to the Rain
Yonah is to be left behind as she is 'a daughter of the race of Cain'.
She asks for no pity as she accepts her fate was sealed many years ago by Cain

In Whatever Time we Have
Japheth and Yonah know that although they only have a little time they will always be together.
Japheth refuses to leave Yonah behind and secretly takes her on board the Ark

The Flood
Father unleashes the flood to cleanse the world

What is he waiting for ?
40 days and 40 night have passed but the flood does not subside.
The family cannot understand why their journey is not at an end

Sailor of the Skies
Yonah releases one of the white doves in hope that it will bring back hope.

The Spark of Creation - 2nd reprise
Mama Noah tells that he must now make the decision about the worlds future as Father is now silent.

Hardest Part of Love
Noah knows that in order to save his relationship with Japheth he has give him his freedom 'The hardest part of love is letting go'.
Father knows that he too must let his children be free to make their own decisions

Words of Doom
The family have lost all hope and prepare for the worst. Yonah leads the family 'In whatever time we have', the family is at last united

Aint it Good
The dove returns with an olive sprig and Mama Noah rejoices as their journey is over

Precious Children
Father bids farewell to his children 'Till at last I let you be free'

In the Beginning
Shem & Ayesha, Ham & Aphra and Japheth & Yonah depart for different corners of the earth looking for life, taking the animals between them and to establish new civilisations. Noah and Mama Noah stay with the ark. Father and the storyteller's join in as Noah's children begin their journeys