Musical Numbers

This synposis was compiled by David Kelly with help from Meredith Braun and Michael McCarthy

A lot of the numbers did not have official 'titles', and these were the 'titles' used unofficially, by the cast. You will note that some numbers have more than one title - the alternatives being shown in brackets. This reflects where different members of the cast attributed different titles to the numbers - David Kelly

Act One

(a) Prologue and Entrance Of Main Characters.

(b) 'Let Me Go.' - Hana.
(c) 'Kyrie Eleyson.' - Choir.

(d) 'Is This A Test.' - Father Marshall, Hideko & Young Marshall.

(e) 'You Are All I See.' - Hideko & Young Marshall.

(f) 'Only Believe.' / 'By My Side.' - Hideko, Young Marshall & Father Mar= shall.

(g) 'Down The Years.' - Choir.

(h) 'What Must I Do.' - Dr. Akizuki.

(i) 'Something To See Me Through.' - Hideko & Dr. Akizuki.

(j) 'No Thought.' - Hideko & Young Hayashi.

(k) 'Brother Beautiful, Sister Beautiful.' - Hideko & Young Hayashi.

(l) 'On Your Side.' - Hideko & Young Hayashi

(m) 'Please Forgive.' - Hideko, Young Hayashi & Young Marshall.

(n) 'Stay With Me.' - Hideko, Young Marshall & Young Hayashi.

(o) 'Last Time We Met.' - Dr. Akizuki & Father Marshall.

(p) 'Everything We Dream Of.' /'Only Believe.' - Hideko & Young Marshall.

(q) 'I'll Be There In Spirit.' - Hideko & Young Marshall.

(r) 'Your Daughter Is Alive.' - Dr. Akizuki & Father Marshall/

(s) 'Into The Light.' / 'Out Of The Blue.' - Dr. Akizuki, Father Marshall= & Choir.

Act Two

(a) 'What Can I Hope For.' - Father Marshall.

(b) 'Suddenly Now, Out Of The Blue.' - Dr. Akizuli & Hana.

(c) 'Tell Him.' - Hana.

(d) 'If I Knew.' - Hana, Dr. Akizuki & Hayashi.

(e) 'All Clear.' - POWs & Prison Guards.

(f) 'Nothing At All.' ('Tokyo.') ('No Sound.') - Hideko, Dr. Akizuki, POW's & Prison Guards.

(g) 'No Harm.' - Hideko & Young Hayashi.

(h) 'Always On Your Side.' - Hideko & Young Hayashi.

(i) 'A Lifetime Ago.' - Dr. Akizuki, Hana & Father Marshall.

(j) 'I Don't Know.' / 'Now I See You.' - Hana & Father Marshall.

(k) 'Let Us Be Perfectly Clear.' - Dr. Akizuki, Father Marshall, Hana & Hayashi.

(l) 'Help Me To Go.' - Hideko & Young Marshall.

(m) 'Darkness At Noon.' - Hideko, Dr. Akizuki, Young Hayashi, POWs, Prison Guards & Choir.

(n) 'You Are All I See.' - Choir.

(o) 'Only Believe.' ('Crystal Clear.') - Hana, Father Marshall, Hayashi, Dr Akizuki, Hideko & Choir.

(p) Finale -'Everything We Dream Of.' ('Look Into The Future...') - The Company.