The Papermill Playhouse, New Jersey

5 November - 14 December 1997


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Logo Adam & Eve Eve & the Snake Cain & Abel Father & Adam The family do not react well to Japheth's choice of wife ! Yonah & Japheth


Father - William Solo
Adam / Noah - Adrian Zmed
Eve / Mama Noah - Stephanie Mills
Cain / Japheth - Darius de haas
Abel / Ham- Hunter Foster
Seth / Shem - Vincent D'Ella
Yonah - Kelli Rabke
Aysha - Emy Baysic
Aphra - Sheetal Gandhi
Seth's Wife - Susan Pfau
Young Cain - James Anthony Johnson
Young Abel - Barry Cavanagh
Snake - Emy Baysic, Vincent D'Elia, Sheetal Gandhi, Angela Garrison, Jim Weaver

"Wasteland" Soloists - Cheryl Allison, Charles bergell, LaTonya Homes, Capathia Jenkins, Trent Armand Kendall, Bart Shatto

"Generations" Soloists - Capathia Jenkins, Trent Armand Kendall

Adult Storytellers - Damron R Armstrong, Yu Asuka, J Jon Briones, David Burtka, Donna J Clark, Rebecca Dolan, Shawn Emamjomeh, Diane Foster, Enders Groff, Steve Hogle, Michael Hunsaker, Gary Kilmer, Robyn Lee, Lynnette E Marrero, Therese Panicali, Dena Risha, Bath Roe, Jimmy Smagula, Frank Donovan Tamez, Christopher Windom

Children Storytellers - Barry Cavanagh, Erica L Cenci, Crystal-Eve, Russell Aaron Fischer, Matthew Francisco, Kassandra Marie Hazard, Kristopher Michael hazard, Paul S iacono, James Anthony Johnson, Jason Daniel Kus, Shawn Frederick Leggett, Carla Martinez, Siene A Nuzzi, Alexa Petronaci, Camila J Proffitt, Casey lee Ross, Dina Jo Sison, Jeffrey Songco, Jessica Waxman and Rori Brroke Wolfe


Thought you might like an opening night report from Paper Mill's "COE"! The show is really quite wonderful. Great performances all around with Darius de Haas a real standout! The set is fantastic with a HUGE ark (probably actual size) a dove that flies over the audience's head, and a giant tree of knowledge that has illuminated blinking apples and that splits in twain when destroyed by Father.

The cast is huge, too. Sixty performers of all ages (this probably rules out a Broadway transfer). The interacial casting works very well, though Father (William Solo) is right out of a Davinci ceiling, not at all similar to Ken Page in the London version. Stephanie Mills IS the "Spark of Creation" and Adrian Zmed anchors the show very nicely (for someone who led "Grease 2" and the stage version of "Eating Raoul"!)

The set is a single elevated raked disc that is surrounded by an elevated ramp that circles it. Costumes are wonderful with animal masks/costumes made from straw/fur/etc. "Generations" costumes are especially colorful!

Some songs have changed/been cut. "Pieces of Eight" is back. "Good" is out. Dialogue is not the show's strong suit, however, but the actors handle it with great style.

This is really a first rate production. Even some of its extravagant touches cannot dim it's power and energy.

New "Child of Eden"...Michael

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