The Demo

There was a demo produced for the London show which featured Frances Ruffelle and Ray Shell amongst the performers.

London Production

London Records produced the recordings from the London show. There were two singles were released in late 1990, prior to the previews. A third single 'In Whatever Time We Have' was never released.

Stranger to the Rain - Frances Ruffelle
(UK LON278; INT 869200-7)

Children of Eden - Shezwae Powell and Frances Ruffelle
(UK LON285; INT 869260-7)

Both 'B' sides contained instrumental versions of the songs.

The Original London Cast
This recording came out in April 1991 and contains 21 numbers from the show This is a great recording and is a wonderful keepsake of this show
(528 234.2(CD),.4(MC),.1 (LP))

If you want to contact London Records regarding the recordings then their address is: PO Box 1422, London W6 9SG.

But all the recordings are now deleted and are very hard to find. Watch Ebay for copies of the singles but be prepared up to 100 pounds for the OLC recording.

New Recording

RCA have released two new recordings of the Papermill Children of Eden, a highlights and double cd.
Both recordings are available at Dress Circle

Other recordings

Songs from the show, particularly Stranger to the Rain, Spark of Creation and In Whatever Time we have' has also been recorded by individual artists. There is a Stephen Schwartz album which features both (available on itunes)

Sheet Music

The OLC sheet music has also been deleted and to find it will probably require a miracle. It was produced by Faber and Faber so I suggest you try them first to see if there are any back copies. If you find a copy expect it to be pricey, mine was 15 pounds over 10 years ago.

New vocal selections were relased in association with the US production and can be found at Dress Circle