Kiss Me Kate - 3 November 2001

Kiss Me Kate is a blast from the past and what a wonderfully colourful and exuburant blast it is.

Martin Mazzie an Brent Barrett shine as lilli and fred, crating a great repartee between each other, interaction, comic timing and voices both powerful and clear. They were able to deliver a full range of songs from the ballad ’So in love’ to the comic ‘I hate men’ and ‘Where is the life I lately led’

The second pairing of Michael Berresse and Nancy Anderson as Lois and Bill is certainly lively and athletic. To watch Nancy wrap heself around the stage and Michael climbs it in what can only be described as gymnastic routine. Nancy was excellent in ‘Always true to you in my fashion’. Neither had the powerful voices of Marin and Brent but their style suited their characters.

Nick Winston and Barry McNeil with Michael danced a great Tom, Harry and Dick. The choreography was wonderful and excellently performed with great panash.

Nolan Frederick has what could really be called a cameo performance as he was only briefly seen in Act 1 until his only appearance in Act2 leading the company in ‘Too Darn Hot’, the opener to Act 2 which gave the company a chance to shine and they certainly did with this well choreographed and performed piece. The opening was also well devised and performed with the recreation of the backstage melee prior to a show and mention must be made of the mule in ‘We open in Venice’.

A strong supporting cast included Nicholas Colicos as Harrison Howell, the clinical army general and Teddy Kempner & Jack Chissick as the gangsters wo finally find hey are quite adept at the Shakespeare lark.

If you want an evening, with excellent performances, dancing and light hearted fun then head in Kate’s direction.

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