Little Shop of Horrors - London, 10 February 2007

The Menier Chocloate factory has done a brilliant job of bringing the musical version of this classic 50s B movie so successfully to the stage. An excellent cast and staging and of course the plant made this a very satisfying theatre visit.

'Skid Row' forms the back drop of the stage, with the shop moving on an off as required. A side door with a metal staircase was on one side and a long unused door is on the other side of the stage. A simple setting, but effective. Audrey II makes a small but big impact on her first appearance in the shop, appearing one may say as even quite cute as a little plant, and then an interesting 'teenager', so to speak and well it is well known what she turns into and soon the whole shop and set is all Audrey II. Andy Heath marvellously brought the puppet to life and Mike Mcshane, in addition to be colourful characters of Skid Row, provided the vocals for Audrey.

The cast is headed up by Paul Keating and Sheridan Smith as Seymour and Audrey and both are excellent. Creating the right level of sincerity and character for the slightly caricature characters which the original film portrayed. The original London Seymour, Barry James, is now Mr Mushnik and played the part very nicely indeed. Jasper Britten was, amongst other parts, Orin the dentist.

Jenny Fitzpatrick, Katie Kerr and Melitsa Nicola were full of energy and fun as the three 'voices' in the street Crystal, Ronette and Chiffon.

The show deserves all the praise lavished on it so far, it was fun, funny, performed extremely well, was a very entertaining way to spend a few hours and it would be hard to beat as a production of the show

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