Mamma Mia - 20 July 2002

This was a welcome return visit to Mamma Mia for this has to be one of the best feel good shows there is. It has a top notch cast, is well performed, a slick production, has a good story to which the songs have been cleverly inserted and you leave the theatre on a such high.

My last visit was during the previews and some small things have changed but overall the production is the same with only one song cut, Summer Night City, but then I think this was cut before opening night.

The cast is led by Louise Plowright as Donna. Having seen her as Tanya in the original cast I thought I would have difficulty seeing her in the part but Louise is Donna through and through. She was excellent bringing over her vehement drive to prove her independence but at the same time her vulnerability and creating a very likable and realistic character. Laura Michelle Kelly was also excellent as Sophie, she has one of those voices which I find very expressionate and she conveyed Sophie’s character well working very well with Louise Plowright in creating a believable mother / daughter relationship.

The main supporting cast boasts some great performances. Susannah Fellows and Myra McFayden as the contrasting but complimentary and very funny Rosie and Tanya. The three leading men ,Simon Slater (Sam), Rohan Tickell (Bill) and Peter Forbes(Harry) provided a good contrast in characters which worked well together. If I had to quote a weakness then this would be Steve Lawton as Sky. It is a very slim part and he played the part well but his singing voice was not strong enough to be clearly heard over the orchestra.

The ensemble were uniformly spot on, with dance routines well performed with a precision that should be noted by many an amateur company and bright, energetic characters.

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