Blood Brothers - 9 November 1999

Blood Brothers is one of those shows of which I have never seen a below par performance. This was my 6th trip and once again proved to be an emotional experience.

Bernie Nolan was excellent as Mrs Johnstone, capturing both emotional and comical moments well. The brothers were portrayed by Paul Crosby and Mark Hutchinson. I have now seen Mark’s Eddie on 4 occasions over 10 years and he captures Eddie perfectly, from the innocent upper class 7 (nearly 8) year old to councillor Eddie Lyons at the end of the show. His face when he is told that Mickey is really his brother is one of such joy and yet Mickey does not see this and reacts with the gun. Paul Crosby was excellent as Mickey. As with Mark he transformed from a rascal of a 7 (nearly 8) year old to a broken man dependant on pills excellently within such a short period of time. He and Mark worked very well with each other and both with Linzi Matthews, a very good Linda. The whole company was so good and the show deservedly won it's standing ovation. For me, as always, the final emotional gesture of putting the twins hands together, finished me off !!

Paul and Mark both appear on the new recording with Stephanie Lawrence.

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