Dr Doolittle - 28 November 1998 I really enjoyed Dr Doolittle, it is as the reviews say, not much story, songs OK but the excellent effects. The animals were amazing and particularly the Pink Seasnail. In the house scene there are so many animals on the stage and all of them work on a random basis. The larger ones were actual puppeteers but the small ones were remote control. The seasnail filled the whole of the back of the stage and it is a huge stage. Philip S must have no fear of heights after sitting right on top of the set even when it as imitating a boat and then to fly down on the moth from the dress circle to the stage. The performances were good, although perhaps the little boy was a little weak. If you want a light hearted evenins entertainment then I recommend it. As with BATB no big emotional journey or huge depth of character and it is the animals that steal the show.