Miss Saigon - 12 December 1996

I think this has to be one of the best performances I have seen. Robert Sena was a superb engineer and hardly recognisable from his Thuy days with a wig which looked like a dishevelled scarecrow, but it looked right for the role. He has so much energy and was just excellent. It is hard to get over how good it was, but just his gestures and mannerisms made the part.

Riva again was an excellent Kim. She is so 'dainty' which made her seem more vunerable but her acting was the best in any Kim I've seen especially in the opening scene, the 'I still believe to this is the hour scene' and the nightmare sequence.

Good support from Paul Collis and Colin Charles as Chris and John. Jacinta was a little flat as Ellen, but OK. The ensemble playing was especially brought to the fore during the Fall of Saigon and whether I've forgotten or didn't take much notice last time but the slow motion sequences made the plight and desperation of the vietnamese more harrowing. The choreography of this scene is brilliant.

One nice touch was during the 'marriage scene' where at one point Gigi goes up to the altar and touches it in a 'I wish it was me' manner - very sad and touching.

Finale: very touching and emotional. Tears from me as always !!