Rent - 13 March 1999

I revisited Rent again and now being even more familiar with the song content and structure I can say that I enjoyed the show even more than the first time, although seeing Adrian Lewis Morgan as Roger again would have just made it. The whole cast is excellent, creating strong believable characters, with excellent interaction between them all and with strong voices to boot. If I had to single any performers out then it would have to be Krysten Cummings (Mimi), Joe McFadden (Mark) and Andy Senor (Angel). Andy Mace, understudy Roger, played the role at this performance and although he had a good voice I felt that he hadn't quite captured the character of Roger completly. He needed to have more of a rough edge to him. The section from Without you to the finale has to be my favortire it flows along so smoothly and the cast bring an emotional end to the stories of both Angel / Collins and Roger / Mimi. There can be no better philisophy then 'Forget Regret or Life is Yours to Miss'.

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