The Rink - 5.9.98 (Leciester Haymarket)

Once again the Haymarket has come up trumps with it's production of Kander and Ebb's 'The Rink'. The story is simple, Anna has sold the family's rink and on the day of demolition her daughter, Angel, comes home. The shows looks back at the years since Angel was a little girl and the story shows different incidents and characters involved in their lives.

The excellent cast is headed by Kathryn Evans and Linzi Hateley as Anna and Angel respectively. The 6 strong men's chorus headed by Mark Adams as Dino and Geoff Abbott as Lenny gave us very entertaining renditions of 'After all these years' and 'The Rink'. This must be one of the shows with a hectic backstage as the men had the job of portraying all the people in Angel and Anna's life including the two old women lamenting 'What happened to the old days' !! Mark brought the character of Dino out very well from the caring to the violent, unable to cope with his life. Amongst other roles Geoff Abbott played Lenny, who had waited all these years for Anna and sang a lovely 'Marry Me' to her. Linzi Hateley displayed excellent characterisation portraying Angel from a little girl of 5 to her current age with just changes in her posture and voice. Kathryn was excellent as Anna, having seen her in several productions she always gives such great performances as she did in the role of Anna here. Kathryn and Linzi worked so well together and this came to the fore in 'The Apple doesn't fall', when they compared themselves with each other while a little merry and high !!. The set was simple but effective, and surprised us all at the end in how the Rink was demolished. I won't give it away. If you are in the vicinity of Leicester do go and see the show. I loved it and I hope you will too : ) - 10.9.98