Rent - 31 October 98

All reservations about this show have gone, I loved it, totally different to anything else I have seen. It was loud, the music moving from easy to not so easy on the ears, this show a charm of its own. I could praise the whole cast for this high energy production, they were brilliant and I was particularly impressed with Mark (Joe McFadden), Roger (Adrian Lewis Morgan) and Mimi (Krysten Cummings). Adrian and Krysten worked so well together, bringing out the love in not the easiest of relationships. The most poignant moment for me was during 'Without You', sung by Mimi. As she sings about her losing Roger I found my attention focused on Angel and Collins as we watched them together during Angels' last few moments before he died. Seasons of Love was the best I have ever heard it. I came out wanting more and will gladly return to see it again.

Whistle Down the Wind - 31 October 1998

I was very disappointed with Andrew Lloyd Webbers latest effort. There were 2 good points, Marcus Lovett and Vikki Coote, as The Man and Swallow. They worked well together, Marcus in fine voice and capturing the essence of The man and Vikki played the troubled teenager on the brink of womanhood very well. The show's music came across best during orchestral interludes and if I had to choose one song, I did like 'Unsettled Scores' The set was impressive but on the umpteenth occasion of the motorway rising / lowering this 'impressiveness' decreased. The train rushing forward on the stage didn't have the same impact on us as those in the stalls where it must have felt as if the train was rushing staright towards the audience. The plot was simple, and that is not a compliment. The children hiding the convict and the townsfolk looking for him does not a 2 hour musical make. Add to that the subplot going nowhere of Amos and Candy and the 'Snake' preacher scene which left me thinking 'and the point of that scene was ?', the show was a little boring. The storyline held no surprises. The 'Children Rule the World' was bearable the first time but 'Oliver' style repeats of the song especially during the final hunt and the barn burning were inappropriate. I'm glad I saw the show for the two main performances but I won't be going back

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