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'The Hunting of the Snark'was a poem written by Lewis Carroll and also had the alternative title of 'A Agony in 8 fits'.It tells the tale of several characters, led by the Bellman, looking for the mythical creature called 'the Snark'. The show takes us along on the sea journey to find this mythical creature, relationships develop, tensions rise and the Baker's worst nightmare comes true ......

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The musicalisation of the Hunting of the Snark started life as a concept album in 1984 starring several names including Art Garfunkel, John Hurt, Sir John Gielgud, Roger Daltrey and Cliff Richard. Later it was performed as a concert at the Albert Hall starring Billy Connolly as 'The Bellman' and many performers recreating their roles from the concept recording.


The show was then performed as a concert in Australia in 1990 with Philip Quast starring as the Bellman.

On 24th October 1991 the Snark opened in London starring Philip Quast, David McCallum, Kenny Everitt, Mark McGann,John Partridge and Veronica Hart.

The critics savaged the show and sadly it closed it's doors seven weeks later and once again the west end lost another great show. This was the most innovative staging of any musical I have ever seen. The West end had never seen a show like this and never will again. Some wonderful performances have been lost to the vaults of the west end : (

The Mitre Players performed Snark during Summer 2004
29 - 31 July 2004 - Croydon
16 - 20 August 2004 - Minack Theatre - Open Air in Cornwall

In these pages I hope to create an idea of what the 'Hunting of the Snark' was about and give those not lucky enough to see the show a chance to see production photographs and see who was involved in it

Who were the creative team

Who were the Snark hunters



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