The Snark Creators

Mike Batt
(Writer/ Designer / Director)
Mike is best known in the UK for his theme to the Wombles and the song Bright Eyes from Watership Down. He has worked in collaboration with ALW on the Phantom of the Opera single, Colm Wilkindon's Stage Heroes recording and writing the music for the TV series 'The Dreamstone' Click on the link aboe to see Mike's official site and more info on his work

Jamie Hayes - Co-Director
Previous work includes Miss Saigon and English National opera

Andrew Bridge -Lighting
Previous work includes Aspects of Love,Phantomof the Opera and 5 Guys named Moe

Jo-Anne Robinson- Choreographer
She recently choreographed Pan in Australia

Kim Baker- Associate Costume Designer

Derek Healey - Projection Programming and Development

John Delnero - Sound Designer

Chris Slingsby - Audio Visual Supervisor

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