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Honk Junior! is now available from MTI for productions in America
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Licence Holders

UK - Josef Weinbergers

America - MTI Shows

Other countries - information forthcoming (if you know who holds the licence for your country please let me know)

Cast Character Breakdown

The minimum number required to do the show is 12 (4 men, 4 women, 4 children), which requires a lot of doubling up of parts otherwise the number is whatever you want it to be (ideally around 20), but these are the characters in the show

Main Characters
UGLY: gawky and odd-looking, good swimmer
IDA: Ugly's Mother
CAT: sly and cunning, hungry

In the Barnyard
: DRAKE: Ugly's father
TURKEY: School Headmaster
HENRIETTA: neighbour
MAUREEN: Ida's friend
GRACE: most distinguished duck on the lake
MAGGIE PIE OR JAY BIRD (depending on actor's sex): TV Presenter
DUCKLINGS: Ugly's siblings (Beaky, Fluff, Billy, Downy)

On the Journey:
GREYLAG: Admiral Goose
DOT: His understanding wife
QUEENIE: Very Domesticated Cat
LOWBUTT: Very Domesticated Hen
BULLFRONG: Laidback, self-confident frog
PENNY: A beautiful Swan
OLD WOMAN (Voice Only)
FARMER(Voice Only)

Helpful Hints
In the "Author's Notes" some imaginative solutions are offered for the challenge of multiple roles assigned to a small group of actors (four men, four women, and four children playing some thirty parts). Since many of the characters are members of the ornithological branch of zoology, it is suggested that rather than masks and feather costumes that the players wear baseball caps to resemble duck beaks and oversized boots to suggest duck feet. For the many roles and the quick changes called for, there's a grateful nod to Velcro. And rather than indulging in costly and elaborate sets, a simple childlike approach to props is suggested, utilizing familiar everyday items to spur the audience's imagination. A basketball might serve well as a huge duck egg.

All information from the MTI Shows website (see link above)

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