The National Theatre Production
11 December 1999 - 25 March 2000

David Burt as Drake (& Bullfrog)

Beverley Klein as Ida

Gilz Terera as Ugly

Jasper Britton as Cat and Leigh McDonald as Queenie

David Bamber as Greylag

Annabel Leveton as Dot and Lowbutt

Ceri Ann Gregory as Penny

Sara Powell as Maureen

Company play various parts, these are the named ones

Jude Akuwudike - Turkey
Adrian Sarple - Kingfisher, Jack Daw and Brother Swan (mute)
Omar F Okai - Rooster
Jane Lancaster - Henrietta, a hen
Myra Sands - Grace and Pinkfoot Goose
Alastair Parker - Barnacles Goose, Farmer and Father Swan
David Alder - Canada Goose
Samantha Matthew & Sean Williams - Coots
Edward Gower & Allyson Brown - Shelducks
Pauline Carville - Sister Swan
Jamaine Hockley, Kai Pearce, Imane Soussi & Leila Joyce - The ducklings

Production Photographs