November 1997

Michael McLean as Drake and Greylag

Nicolas Colicos as Turkey, Barnacles and Bullfrog

Elizabeth Renihan as Henrietta, Pinkfoot and Penny

Kristin Marks as Ida

Leigh McDonald as Maureen, Snowy & Queenie

Marilyn Cutts as Grace, Lowbutt and Dot

Paul Sharma as Cat

Richard Dempsey as Ugly

Luke Buxton, Katrin Dodsworth, Scott Garnham, Elisabwth Maskery, Dayle MAssey, Katie Rushton, Joe tate and Laura Taylor - Ducklings & Froglets

Ugly and Cat

Cat, Lowbutt and Queenie

Ugly and Bullfrog

Leigh McDonald,Nicolas Colicos and Kristin Marks

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