Mara Kay

I have been collecting Mara Kay's books since I read 'Masha' when I was 13 and believe I have collected them all. I would love to hear from fellow fans as I am sure I am not alone in loving the books. These are the books I have

1963 - In Place of Katia

1966 - A Burning Candle

1968 - Masha

1969 - The Youngest Lady In Waiting

1973 - A Circling Star

1976 - In Face of Danger (Storm Warning in the UK)

1980 - A House Full Of Echoes (Restless Shadows in the UK)

1981 - Lolo

1982 - One Small Clue

According to the back of 'In Face of Danger' Mara Kay was also a copywriter for Montgomery Ward and had a rambling house on Long Island but as that was 25 years ago I don't even know whether she is still alive !!

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