From an inital review of the Les Miserables 10th Anniversary concert 1995, I regularly wrote an observation of the majority of shows I saw until 2006. I have written a few since then but have not regualrly continued the practice. I call them observations rather than reviews as although I state my thoughts on the performances and the production itself I also comment on staging and more minute details at times. Primarily I worte these for myself, so that I could always look back and be able to recall my thoughts at the time rather than 'rose tinted' by memory.

All my 'observations' can be read via this link Theatre observations / reviews


From my love of theatre I decided to try my hand at writing some playlets. I have been lucky enough to see two of them peformed and one of them has been made into a short film. I am currently working on a one act play

The scripts for the three playlets are linked below. If you would be interested in perfoming any of them then please contact me at

The Understudy
This 10 minute play concentrates on the build up to the start of a show from both the perspective of the 'indisposed' star and the understudy. (2M, 2W)
The Understudy script

Following a collaboration with a local amateur movie making club 'The Understudy' was also turned into a film which can be viewed here:

Twilight Parade
This 10 minute play is set in an old people's home where long term resident Maude reflects on the glittering hollywood lifestyle of her youth.... but is it real or just her fantasy ? (4W, 1M or 3W, 2M)
Twilight Parade script

The Calendar Shakespeare
For a variety evening we had a theme of 'The Seasons' and I drafted this sketch which uses references to the months and seasons from Shakespeare's works which is used by three characters to describe their love life
The Calendar Shakespeare script


A Short composition inspired by Les Miserables.
An encounter and distant memory recollected

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